Festival Trophies

Fair-Play Award

This is the main trophy for those teams who show all the spirit and passion of a great Football club/team during the all Barcelona Football 7 Festival sharing those values : 

Friendship, Fairplay, Fun, Fiesta, Respect and Smartness

The winners will return the following year the Fair-Play Award to the next holder.

2023 FC Collègues Meyreuil (Aix-France)
2022 Marsauceux United (Chartres-France)
2021 AS La Famille (Paris-France)
2019 Excuz.fr (Paris-France)
2018 Tropics Crew (Brussels-Belgium)
2017 Evreux FC 27 Ladies (Evreux-France)
2016 Boys & Girls in Green (Brussels-Belgium)
2015 SC Bousval Genappe (Brussels-Belgium)
2014 BFF Crew (Paris-France)
2013 CS Amis M’diq (Tetuan-Morocco)
2012 AS Legrand FL (Limoges-France)
2011 Saint-Lys Football Loisir (Toulouse-France)

El Fenómeno  —>  The best Phenomenon

Los Borrachos  —>  The best drinkers

Los Cantantes  —>  The best singers

Los Viajeros  —>  Those who have travelled the farthest

El Rebaño  —>  The biggest squad

Los Disfrazados  —>  The best fancydress